Monday, August 27, 2012

Love Inspires Love

By Dustin Dyer
When two sides are at war, no matter if its 2 armies or 2 individuals, they both realize the desire for peace. When the battle has carried on for what seems like an eternity it is often hard to see a way out. But know this, when one side or both sides put their own pride away in spite of the war, hearts begin to soften. When they begin to shower the opposing side with positive actions, positive words, and humbleness, it triggers the same kind of reaction from the opposition. When one side desires nothing more than to be at peace with the other, there is nothing they won't do. LOVE INSPIRES LOVE even when there seems to be nothing but hate all around us. After all, who can in good conscious continue to make war with someone who has expressed their true feelings and has proven without a doubt they want only to love and support the other. They do this not knowing if they may or may not receive the same treatment in return, these are the actions that change the direction of our lives.

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